What is Microblogging – Micro Blogging Definitions, Examples, Platforms

What is meant by micro blogging

Micro blogging is made up of two words micro and blogging. To understand the term completely we need to understand the basic meaning of these two individual terms. Micro means small and blogging means using photos, videos, texts, graphics etc. extensively to provide and information over the internet to the users.

So combining both we arrive at the definition of micro blogging. It refers to an online broadcasting medium that uses small contents to provide some information or to interact with people over the internet. The small contents may include small paragraphs, sentences, short videos, photos, or links.

Who uses Microblogging

Microblogging is an open platform that can be accessed by any individual who has an access to internet and has a smartphone or a pc to visit those micro blogging websites. It has been very popular in recent years because of its high engagement and it saves the time also by seeing and getting information in lesser amount of time.

Micro blogging

Why is Microblogging so popular?

Micro blogging has gained popularity because of their ease to access short contents. Nowadays people are very busy in their life that they don’t have enough time to get information, or get entertained for long hours. So if they get to have all those things in a short span of time they will love it. Utilizing this concept micro blogging websites provides short contents or videos of short duration which saves time and is successful in providing the relevant information to the intended user. Moreover it is more user friendly and consumes less storage also.

What do Companies Use Micro blogging For ?

Microblogging not only is helpful for public but is also very useful and helpful for the companies. Let’s understand how does microblogging helps business. The corporates or the companies use micro blogging to provide a boost to their long form of articles. They use this to increase their reach and drive the customer to their main articles where more detailed information is provided. They use this to provide any recent updates, launch dates, new launches, upcoming offers etc. They give an option of discussion and conversation so that the customers can interact with them easily and feel connected.

How to do Micro blogging?

Microblogging is very simple. You just have to follow these simple process. First you need to decide on which micro blogging website you want to post your content like on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Then decide what kind of content you want to post whether it’s a link, small video, infographics, Small sentence like thoughts etc. Then use the relevant hashtags to boost the content and to make sure the content reaches to its intended audience and this is how microblogging is done.


What is the purpose of Microblogging?

Microblogging is one of the easiest and time saving method to interact with the audience quickly. We need not write long paragraphs, articles or make lengthy videos to provide the information and connect with the people over the internet and around the world. The smaller contents attract more audience and engagements that the traditional blogging websites.

What is the main reason why microblogging is better than blogging?

The main reason why microblogging is better than the blogging is that micro blogging websites provide small contents both in content and file size. It helps in very quick interaction and provides an option of real time engagement with the audience which is difficult in case of blogging normally. And the added benefit of it is time saving. This is why microblogging platforms become popular.

What can microblogging do?

Micro blogging can make the interaction very quick and fast. It can increase the audience reach. It can provide real time connection with audience. It can make the content smaller and more effective.

What is meant by micro blog ?

So far we discussed about what is micro blogging, how it is helpful, what it can do. But this micro blogging will definitely need a platform to get executed and that platform is a micro blog.

Micro blog means a blog or a website which permits the user to post small contents including photos, videos, infographics, texts to interact with the online world. It gives a platform to do microblogging.

Which is the best Microblogging site?

Ideally, it’s very difficult to say which is the best Microblogging site because it is variable in nature. There are billions of people in the world and all of them have different taste, requirements, and time. So it will vary person to person. Some people likes to spend more time on Instagram because of its certain feature while someone would like to spend more time on Facebook . So it’s a personal choice to chose which one is better. It cannot be determined that which one is best among all as every other micro blogging websites have some distinct features which is loved by the people so all of them are unique and good.

What are the advantages of Micro blogging?

There are various advantages of Microbloggig, these are :

1. It saves time.
2. It uses less storage for the content
3. It consumes less data as the content is small
4. It provides real time interaction with audience
5. It increases reach and engagement
6. It filters out irrelevant things and focuses on the relevant content.

Which is an example of Microblogging?

Examples of Microblogging Sites are :


I have tried to put forward the concept of Microblogging in very easy an interactive way so that you can understand the concept without any difficulty. I have covered the topics from Microblogging definition to its uses, benefits, and examples.

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