Rubika Liyaquat Biography, Age, Husband, Instagram, Photos

We came to know about the happening around the world through news and news anchor plays an important role in making aware of the news. One such famous News Anchor and host is Rubika Liyaquat. 1. Rubika Liyaquat Biography2. Rubika Liyaquat Age3. Rubika Liyaquat husband4. Rubika Liyaquat Education5. Rubika Liyaquat career6. Rubika Liyaquat twitter7. Rubika … Read more

Top 10 Best Marine Engineering Websites

Marine Engineering is a very diversified field and people find it difficult to find perfect websites for studying about this field. So in today’s article we are going to get a list of Marine Engineering Websites which are really very helpful for the seafarers. So let’s see what all these websites are and thier short … Read more

What is Blockchain Technology? How it Works

Blockchain Technology

What is a Blockchain? It is a decentralized digital ledger. It is a collection of blocks which are interconnected with each other and hence is known as blockchain. The next thing we are going to discuss is how blockchain works step by step. How blockchain technology works ? Block chain consists of interlinked blocks. Each … Read more