Types of Questions Asked In An Interview

Remember that shyness and timidity are signs of weakness. Try your best to turn the question round to your advantage. Your answers may have an intelligent lead. Like, if you are asked about having done something, you may answer that though you have not done that you have done this. It goes without saying that … Read more

What You Should Do During the Interview

Entry, greetings, gestures Well begun is half done, goes the saying. First impression is the last impression. Never try to be found wanting on your first looks. As an outline the following points are very important: You must not get too close to the interviewer. This invades the interviewer’s area of authority and irritates him. … Read more

Important Questions and Answers for Interview

Why did you study certain subjects at school/college? The candidate should explain that that particular subject or course of study is what absolutely interests him. And he wanted to go on for employment in the same field/subject he chose. In case of a course in non-vocational studies, the candidate should try to show that he … Read more

Model Answers For Interview Questions

It is an established fact that certain questions almost necessarily crop up very often in any interview. Though these questions slightly differ from job to job and accordingly the answers also differ as per specific job requirements, some typical questions and their possible answers are as follows: Tell me something about yourself. This is certainly … Read more

Importance of Family Background, Current Affairs and Dress in Interview

Family/place background It is expected that a candidate is aware of his immediate environment: detail knowledge of one’s own place of birth or residence or education, its importance and historical, political, tourist interest etc; its industries, crops, minerals and any famous personality associated with it; mode of transport connecting it to the other parts of … Read more

Temperament And Attitude For An Interview

Temperament / Attitude An intelligent person with a negative attitude is the last one an organisation is looking for to employ. The interviewers first look to the temperament and attitude an individual possesses to evaluate whether his knowledge and skills will benefit the organisation and the society as a whole. As a citizen of the … Read more

Migrate Website from Blogger to WordPress

Everyone Start their Blog With Free Blogger But after Certain Time They Shift to WordPress. I began my blogging career with the free blogging platform Blogger, but after a few weeks, I switched to WordPress. Here, I will Tell You How to Migrate Website from Blogger to WordPress with 100% SEO. There are number of … Read more