Top 10 Best Marine Engineering Websites

Marine Engineering is a very diversified field and people find it difficult to find perfect websites for studying about this field. So in today’s article we are going to get a list of Marine Engineering Websites which are really very helpful for the seafarers.

So let’s see what all these websites are and thier short descriptions about their speciality one by one.

1. MarineInsight

This is one of the best websites for the seafarers to get updated news regarding the Marine Industry. There are lots of articles about the technical side of the ship from the deck department to the Engine Department. It also helps in career guiding. There are various media and other formats available to get benefited out and there are various notes to get your doubts cleared.

2. Marinerspoint

This is the another leading platform for the Marine Engineers to find the solutions here. This website has emerged recently and is doing a great job in giving wonderful notes and articles to the seafarers. Especially for the Trainees , Class 4 and Semester exams of the colleges. You will find various questions and answers as well as e-Books and PDF for various topics. Everything is explained with the help of neat and clean diagrams and are easy to understand the things conceptually.


3. Brighthub Marine Engineering Channel

Brighthub Engineering channel is a well known website providing articles related to engineering like Civil, Mechanical , electrical. In a similar way it has Marine Engineering channel where you will be able to find the contents related to Marine Engineering, about the machines used onboard, architect and designing part. You will find notes on Martine regulations and the various safety measures also.

4. Diesel Duck

Diesel Duck is also one of the finest website for the seafarers where they can find the news realted to the world Maritime, the new events going on, any changes in rules and regulations, jobs, and what all things are happening in the Maritime sector. This website is running for more than 15 years and had covered lots of topics and articles for the seafarers . You can visit this website to know more about the Marine Industry.

5. DieselShip

DieselShip is a Maritime Portal for the seafarers containing a good number of useful information for the Marine Engineers. This website is run by an experienced team of Marine Engineers and Naval Architects. You can find the topics related to machinery, main engines, electrical etc. They have a strong datasheet and also a Martine forum for an active Marine Community.

6. Mariners Galaxy

Mariners Galaxy has focused on the different exams of the Maine sector, Marine Courses and thier careers. It also contains a job portal for the Marine Engineers where they can find the related job as per thier requirements and eligibility. The interface is quite simple and user friendly and It has a section of Life at Sea where you can find the real life experience of various seafarers from the sailors and engineers as well.

7. Marine Diesels

Marine Diesels is a UK based website which posts contents related to the Marine Engines. It has got the technical aspects of the engines and whatever the equipment we see in the engine room . It has articles related to the working of different machinery and also the articles related to the adverse and dangerous situation that sometimes happen onboard and how to avoid them . It contains detailed diagrams and certain animations also to understand better.

8. Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering is an old website with 15 years of running and it is maintained by group of experienced Marine Engineers. On this website you will find the articles related to the technical knowledge of the ships, and also about Marine Engineering and it’s career prospect in detail. Also in Management section you will find articles related to ship Management and dealing of managerial processes.

9. Steam- Esteem

As the above mentioned websites are for the various technical and non technical knowledge of the ship. Steam-Esteem has mainly focused on the Marine Boilers. Boilers are an important equipment onboard the ship and they need to be properly maintained.This website gives you a detailed view of the boilers with diagrams and good explanation which are easy to understand . So if you are looking for the notes related to Marine Boilers then this is a perfect website for you.

10. Marine careers

Marine careers is a platform for those who wants to know in detail about the Marine Industry. If you want to explore what are all possibilities in this sector, what kind of jobs are there, what are the job profiles and also what are the alternatives to it then this is one stop platform for you. You will find and Ocean Engineering section as well where you can get other information related to coastal areas, and Marine pollution as well.

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