Factors of 11 – All Factors You Need To Know

In this article we are going to learn interesting things about the Factors of 11. When you have finished the reading of this article you will be able to know these 10 things regarding the Factors of 11.

1. Definition of Factor :
2. What are the factors of 11
3. Prime Factor
4. Prime Factorization
5. Prime Factorization of 11
6. Square root of 11/ Is 11 a perfect Square
7. Common Factors
8. Is 11 a prime Number
9. Divisibility rule
10. Divisibility rule for 11

1. Definition of Factor:

A factor of a number is defined as those numbers or number which can divide the given number without leaving any remainder. In other words we can say that when we multiply the factors it will ultimately give the same number. Maximum number have an even number of factors. However a square number has odd number of factors.
Ex: 16 – 1,2,4,8,16

2. What are the factors of 11:

Since this article is about the Factors of 11 so after knowing the definition of factors we can find out what are the factors of 11. So, the factors of 11 are:
11 – 1, 11
1 and 11 are the two Factors of 11

3. Prime Factor:

Prime factors are the collection of factors of a number which are prime numbers. And Prime numbers are those numbers which are divisible either by 1 or by themselves. And collection of such numbers from the factors of a number is called as prime Factors of that number.
Ex: 18- 1,2,3,6,9,18
So here the prime Factors of 8 are: 2 and 3 only

Factor of 11

4. Prime Factorization:

Now that we learn about the prime Factors so it will be easy to understand the Prime Factorization. Prime Factorization of a number is defined as the process of factorizing a number only by the Prime numbers. For Ex-: 12 – 2*2*3

5. Prime Factorization of 11:

In the above example we saw the Prime Factorization of 12. So similarly we can easily find out the Prime Factorization of 11. For that we first need to find the Prime Factors of 11 which we have already found and the prime Factors of 11 are 1 and 11 only. So it is very simple to calculate Prime Factorization of 11.
11 – 1*11

6. Is 11 a perfect Square?

Before proceeding for the answer of above question we first should know what is a perfect Square. So perfect Square is a number whose Square root gives us a whole number. But when we calculate square root of 11 the result is 3.316 which is not a whole number. So 11 is not a perfect Square number.

7. Common Factors:

Common Factors comes into picture when there are two or more numbers are given. In that case common Factors are the factors which are common to both the given number i.e the numbers which can divide both the numbers.
Ex: (11, 22)
11 – 1,11
22 – 1,2,11,22
Common Factors are: 1 and 11

8. Is 11 a prime Number?

Now that we have clearly understood that prime numbers are those which have 1 and themselves as their factors. And in case of 11 we can see that the Factors of 11 are 1 and 11 only. Hence we can say that 11 is a prime Number.

9. Divisibility Rule:

Divisibility Rule is not a rule in mathematics but it’s a trick to find out quickly whether that number is divisible by certain number or not. There are different rules to check the divisibility by different numbers.

10. Divisibility Rule for 11

To check and find out quickly whether that particular number is divisible by 11 or not we need to sum up the numbers at odd places and even places and then subtract both the sums. If the result is either 11 or 0 then the number is divisible by 11 .
For Ex-: 121 – ( sum of numbers at odd place) – ( Sum of numbers at even place)
121- (1+1) – ( 2) = 0
Therefore 121 is divisible by 11.

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