Importance of Logical Views For Interviews

Logical Views For Interview

Without logical reasoning and expression, the chances of success in an interview are rather dim. To put one’s knowledge to good use in a purposive manner, one must have fluent and effective power of expression. No one will know the extent of your knowledge and the depth of your ideas unless you are able to communicate and convey your thoughts with logical impact.

Make use of television discussions on different news channels in addition to those in the print media. They will enrich your views and mould your opinions and ideas. Always form your own views and outlook on national and international affairs on the basis of what you have read, heard and seen. Views that have the indelible stamp of your independent thinking will help others evaluate your personality.

Every individual comes across a variety of information and views working at cross-purposes. Think independently over what you have read, seen or heard. Do not indulge in mugging facts all and sundry, lest you divest yourself of whatever clarity you require to think, speak and act.

The particular solutions offered by the candidate are of comparatively lesser importance than logical views and capacity to think out things. For example, a candidate may be asked about prohibition or the use of Hindi as the official language of India. There is room for great debate and divergence of views on such questions. But what is of importance is the manner in which the interviewee marshals his facts and produces them and brings the solution. Thus the method by which he offers the solution is most significant.

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It is the function of the interview board to have a fair idea of the intellectual maturity of the candidate. A number of awkward, difficult or tricky questions are put to the candidate. The manner in which he answers those questions indicate how he has been continuously training his mental equipment, his wit, his intellect.

His mind would have enough practice to perceive questions put to him correctly and the motor functions of his mind would enable him to give standard replies to them. Candidates must take it for granted that they have to undertake a deliberate, regular, continuous training of their mental faculties so that they could acquire, in a reasonable length of time, a capacity fair enough to understand the problems of modern life and to suggest solutions with that degree of mental maturity which is expected of him.

This shows his reaction to various types of problems that he may have to face during the course of his assignment. Its presence or otherwise in a candidate also enables them to evaluate his fitness for a particular kind of job.

In order to achieve this, it would be necessary to develop certain logical outlook in life. This outlook should be that life is meant for useful purpose, which relates to community as a whole rather than to a person concerned. Once the mental logical outlook is developed, the value of human life goes up and the human mind dedicates itself to the continuous acquisition of all kinds of knowledge, deliberating over it and coming to certain conclusion for solving problems connected with it, and ultimately applying those solutions to practical life. Similarly, imagination and initiative are the other two essential attributes of intellectual maturity required in a candidate.

Often our prejudices colour our reasoning. If I am a male, I tend to oppose the women’s reservation bill. Or if I belong to backward community, the privileged group, I tend to support reservation of backward classes in government jobs. When a candidate faces an interview, he should look at issues from a broader perspective and logical reasoning.

Point out what is meant by reservation, what does the Constitution of India say about it and what is the spirit behind these provisions. Point out the benefits/advantages accrued to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes masses during the last five decades of practice of reservation. Is it good or are some changes needed? Isn’t reservation resulting in vertical uplift of the person/family/caste instead of the horizontal upward movement of the targeted segment? Bring out the political compulsions attached to such an issue.

Don’t reject anything

But try to present it as a nicely packed item for the benefit of the greater masses. Tell the interviewer that the Indian society, which has been deeply divided over the ages and where the untouchables formed an unfortunate part of it, needs to be corrected. Reservation is a step in the right direction. Only it should be implemented effectively in the true meaning of serving the purpose and spirit behind it.

Whenever in a discussion in public places or gatherings, reason with other people and sharpen your logic. Try to learn what the poor illiterate Bihari says when he supports and votes for Laloo. For, all theories and prophecies of big thinkers and renowned columnists have come a cropper in Bihar. Go into why the man has failed pollsters, pundits and predictions. There are definitely strong reasons for it.

The interview board will be impressed if you cite examples and your answers are loaded with logic. India is a great country and there is no set mathematics that run it. It is logic that separates man from machine and separates success from failure.

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