Ideas and Outlook For An Interview

The correlation between how we feel within ourselves and how we are looked upon by others close to us, can not be denied. An inwardly peaceful and happy man is not likely to be irritating. The relationship between inward state of mind and outward behaviour provides a useful meaning of summing up of a candidate’s profile.

Most of us are in a habit of talking all the while about ourselves and would be less interested in others. In Our day-to-day life we seem to lend our ears. But we actually do not listen and merely nod head mechanically without observing what is being talked about. Such an attitude could be defeating at interviews. Listening should thus be active participation.

The outlook of a candidate should indicate that he is sharp, is quick on the uptake and can discern the problems. He has the ability to mobilise the resources and use them to optimum advantage. He can do the job efficiently, methodically and punctually. He has the adaptability to function successfully in given social surroundings.

He has the capacity to motivate others, and the ability to provide acceptable leadership to others. Above all, he should have the knack to sell himself and his ideas, the ability to influence others favourably and positively. It is good to know the ideas and opinions of others but ultimately one must form one’s own ideas on national, international and general matters.

Ideas and Outlook For An Interview

Everybody likes a compliment

The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated. So, learn to appreciate the interviewer. If during your talk and discussion you get an opportunity to pay him a compliment, do not miss it.

In In everyday life, maintain the same attitudes as you are expected to do in the interview room. Try to create a naturalness of behaviour because artificiality can be easily spotted. Devote an hour a day to the illuminating process of self-examination. Discuss your weaknesses with your family and friends. Try to improve day by day.

Take interest in social functions

Let your ability to deal with the people grow. If you keep aloof on other days and hope to come out on the interview day to make a mark, you are mistaken.

Do not pin your faith to chance, luck or recommendations. You can not hope to become what you do not feel yourself to be. You can become efficient only by behaving so. We are after all the instruments of our own success/failure. Spend a few moments every day in being honest with yourself. Willpower is a great motive force. You must will to be successful.

It is the consciousness of a strong well-disciplined will working with inventive ness and originality that makes a student pull through the mountains of information.

Have a positive outlook towards life

All of us know that the country is facing several problems right from. corruption to criminalisation of politics, and terrorism to religious intolerance. But in all your answers you should present an optimistic picture. Criticise the wrongdoers but have faith in India and Indians. Definitely, Japan has progressed more than India despite two atom bomb attacks. China, despite being more populous than India, is more powerful both militarily and economically.

Even a small country like Israel has dealt successfully with terrorism and hostile neighbours. Malaysia, Singapore, and Korea have progressed much. That is true and you should outline the advancement made by these countries, but point out that India has a unique culture and heritage. Despite China’s might, its citizens are not enjoying freedom and liberty as Indians. Israel might have conquered parts of Arab territory, Gaza strip, West Bank etc, but it is continuously plagued by the problem of terrorism which has now forced it to talk peace and concede those occupied territories.

India has immense capacity of tolerance and co-existence of different sects and beliefs. Terrorism in Punjab was stamped out not so much because of state power, but due to people’s disenchantment with violence. Kashmir problem will be solved similarly. And a process has already begun where the militants and the local population are getting fed up of violence and turning to peace and talks.

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Laldenga in Mizoram had announced a separate Mizo nation. He ran warlike situation with the Union of India. But ultimately he realised the folly of it and returned to democratic process and became chief minister of Mizoram. Malaysia, Singapore, and Korea haver made significant strides in development but the recent economic crisis almost crippled them. India has made good progress in different fields, but it gets subdued on account of its burgeoning population and uneven distribution.

Despite obvious handicaps in our democratic and political system, it is still running well. Despite corruption and inefficiency, the government machinery serves the people. Though of course it needs to be more activate and cured of the ills. However, things are not so baa that they cannot be corrected. Don’t forget that it is an Indian only who can dream even with an empty stomach. Gandhiji has proved it.

To improve a general outlook in life here are some basic and primary qualities that need to be developed by each candidate. Their benefits are immense and can metamorphose any individual:

Getting up Early

Make getting up early a habit and it will give you a headstart in life. It is simply making a decision and acting upon it. Remember, early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Habit of Punctuality

It is the most essential habit for a. successful career. You should have a clear sense of duty to be punctual. Once you realise this, your battle is half won.

Think Healthy

Thoughts precede action. If you think you can win, certainly you will. Brooding and worrying twist a young mind. An aspiring candidate should not think negative and allow distractions.

Control your Mind

A healthy mind in a healthy body goes the saying. Self-discipline controls the mind as well as the body. Study alone is not enough. Spare time for physical work. Concentrate on the work in hand and do not let your mind wander away to things not connected with your job in hand.

Leisure Hours

All work and no play will make anybody a dull boy. Allocate time for leisure and try to use it in some physical sport. Sportsmanship not only keeps you in high spirits; it is an added consideration for jobs. Not to know about games is a serious disadvantage in any interview.

Utilise your Time

Time is the most precious commodity. A candidate must make the best use of his hours. Plan your studies in such a manner so as to complete it in a prescribed timetable. Understand that each one of us is given the same 24 hours in a day and it is up to the individual how to use it. Do not be afraid by the bulk of books. You have to grasp the things that matter.

Love your Work

A candidate should not pretend to like a competitive exam just to please his parents and friends. Half-heartedness will not do. But if you love your work, a vast reservoir of energy locked up within you will open up.

Better and Better

You have got to concentrate upon your work in order to get better and better. Try cultivating effortless concentration on your job. Set for yourself a standard. Learn to criticise yourself intelligently.

Brain Power

Successful people in the world are those who can direct their brain force in a purposeful manner. The richer your mind is in facts and figures of life and literature, the more easily you will be able to direct your brain power.


Think rightly, speak rightly and act rightly. There is no reason why you won’t be successful. Self-suggestion is the gateway to success as thoughts tend to become actions and actions lead to results.

Believe in Yourself

A candidate should sweep away all unhealthy thoughts of self-doubt. Nothing gives the human being so much an impetus as a firm belief in one’s abilities. A person aspiring for a big post should not lack self-confidence.

Association of Ideas

The true secret of memory lies in the association of ideas. It is the art of linking up the facts you wish to remember with as many facts as possible. Many of us have a habit of wrong learning and learning badly. Learn better and you will remember better.


As you study the ideas of others, do not fail to compare them with your own thoughts. Read not merely the lines but between and behind the lines. Clarity of study should be aimed at.

Cultivate Concentration

A person can achieve anything in the world with the power of concentration. But remember you can easily concentrate on what you are interested in. Interest and concentration go together.

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